Monday, November 3, 2008

Sarah Palin in Jefferson City, MO

Ah yes. Monday afternoon was a time for beer, huntin' and 20,000 people just bein' mavericky! Here are quick edits for Polaris Images.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama Rally at Mizzou

Here are some of the quick edits for Polaris Images. Officials estimated attendance at 40,000.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

McCain - not impressive at all

Well here are the promised images of McCain. I decided to post my outtakes that represent his true campaign, in my opinion. He spent too much time bashing Obama instead of talking about what he would do as President, and the behind the scenes stuff was horribly organized. From the introductions to McCain actually arriving, there was an hour gap which was described: "McCain will be here in a few minutes!"

But, I got food afterward for free, so I guess that's ok?

Monday, October 20, 2008's time to update!

Well it's been way too long since my last update. It's been a whirlwind of classes, work and of course photography. Football to soccer to politics and fine art...oh my. Here's a few Obama images from his rally of 70,000-100,000 in St. Louis on October 18. I'll update later with McCain images from his rally of 3,000-6,000 in Belton on October 20.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sarah E.M. Becking

My heart goes out


From Jason Becking's blog (

"Sarah died yesterday afternoon, July 7, 2008, in Kenner, Louisiana. She was 36 years and 1 month old, and left us way too damned soon. She encountered more complications early that morning, which caused both lung and blood pressure difficulties. They were able to stabilize her a couple of times, but only briefly. Despite the fight she put up and the hard work of the nurses and doctors, we simply lost her too soon.

She was a loving wife, a great friend, had a happy spirit, saw the best in people, and was an outstanding mother. The kids and I are in Malden now, will be returning to Columbia tomorrow. Sarah’s mom and dad are en route to Columbia now to be with her brother and his family.

There’s simply nothing about it that seems fair or right, but I guess that’s why they call it fate. Perhaps the incident two years ago was simply a wake up call so we could fully appreciate these past two years, which we certainly did.

Arrangement planning has not begun, really, but I would expect services on Friday or Saturday in Columbia. I appreciate all the notes and phone calls of support and offers to help. I will clearly need help, as will the kids. They need their mom and I can’t do that.

I close this e-mail the way I’ve ended most phone conversations, go hug your friends and family.

Sarah loved you all, and I appreciate that love flowing back toward us now."

Monday, April 21, 2008

Project Photoshop

For my photography class, I had to learn about an artist, and take inspiration from him/her. I chose an artist who worked in Photoshop to create various effects through toning, saturation, contrast, etc. He began by lighting his subject with a mental image of how the final product would turn out. Above are some of my favorites from the shoot.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Quick End to Spring (Season)

Today was, sadly, the last match of Mizzou soccer for their spring season. They topped Loyola of Chicago, IL, 5-4. I tried shooting video and stills today, and froze my hands off. Poor me.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back to Portraits

Well the last few days have been interesting. I went out to shoot portraits for the Maneater, only to have to re-do them a few times. But the whole process was fun. The girls were very nice, shooting was kind of entertaining and post process was a blast, even if I did take some shortcuts...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fresh Start

Well, the day has come; I have finally lost my blogging virginity. We'll see how this works out. If you've got comments such as criticism or suggestions or just plain old praise, let me know. If you know my email address you can go ahead and email me. If you don't that's probably for the best. [insert smiley here]

photo of the day
While it may not be the 'best' image, it represents the start of my day - wet.
It was about 11:30am and I was out on the track freezing my toes off, waiting for the runners during the steeple chase. This Mizzou runner tripped and went plunging into the pit of water, drenching me. I didn't get home until around 4pm and was cold the whole day. If you like what you see, check the rest out at under collegiate track & field.